Council’s Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) is established under the Development Act 1993 to consider and make decisions on certain development applications. The role of CDAP is to make impartial and transparent development assessment decisions based on policies in Council’s Development Plan, and to advise Council on development assessment trends and issues.

The Panel holds meetings as required on the first Tuesday of the month. Panel members undertake site visits and read all relevant background material prior to the meetings. A Code of Conduct with strict conflict of interest provisions applies to Panel members.

The Panel consists of an independent Presiding Member, three additional independent members and three Council members to form the seven member panel required under the Act. A term of office for a Panel member is normally for a period not exceeding 2 years.

Meeting Location and Schedule

Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Tuesday of the month (where required) in the Mallala Council Chambers, Redbanks Road, Mallala, commencing at 6.30pm.

Meetings for 2017 are scheduled as follows :

•    7 February 2017
•    7 March 2017
•    4 April 2017
•    2 May 2017
•    6 June 2017
•    4 July 2017
•    1 August 2017
•    5 September 2017
•    3 October 2017
•    7 November 2017
•    5 December 2017

Given that there are some months when meetings are not required (due to lack of applications to consider) it is recommended that you contact Council to confirm if intending to attend a particular meeting.

Minutes to be endorsed by Committee are marked as DRAFT Minutes

Minutes and Agendas

June 6 2017
.pdf Agenda - CDAP June 2017 Agendas
.pdf DRAFT Minutes - CDAP June 2017 Minutes
May 2 2017
.pdf Agenda - CDAP May 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes - CDAP May 2017 Minutes
April 4 2017
.pdf Agenda - CDAP April 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes - CDAP April 2017 Minutes
February 7 2017
.pdf Agenda - CDAP February 2017 Agendas
.pdf Minutes - CDAP February 2017 Minutes

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