Mallala Development Plan

Council’s Development Plan sets out planning policies for the control of development within the Council district. Development applications are assessed against the relevant policies contained within the Development Plan.


Development Plan


Amendments to the Development Plan

The Development Plan requires regular updating to ensure it reflects the needs of the community, the economy and the environment. Development Plans are updated through a formal statutory Development Plan Amendment (DPA) process, specified in the Development Act 1993. DPAs can either be undertaken by Council or by the state government (through the Minister for Planning).

For more information on DPAs, refer to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Current Development Plan Amendments Status


DPA Status
Northern Food Bowl Protection Areas

The Draft DPA was endorsed by Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 20 November 2017. The DPA was formally submitted to the Minister for approval on 6 December 2017.

A copy of the Draft DPA can be viewed here.


Development Plan Review

Strategic Directions Report

Council is required under Section 30 of the Development Act 1993 to prepare a Strategic Directions Report (SDR) that addresses the strategic planning issues within the district and identifies appropriate amendments to Council’s Development Plan.
Councils are required to prepare a SDR every 5 years, or within 12 months of a change to the Planning Strategy (The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide).

Strategic Direction Report (February 2013)


Statement of Intent approved by Minister 12 April 2017. Initial Phases of DPA underway, including preparation of Allied Food Industries Land Supply Study.


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