Fire Prevention


Fire Danger Season:

15 November 2016 till 30 April 2017

Permit Burning:

Starts 1 March 2016 till the end of the fire danger season

Property Inspections:

From early October ongoing throughout the fire danger season 


CFS Hotline - 1300 362 361 - Our region is: MID NORTH

Bushfire Safer Precincts  areas in Adelaide Plains Council.


Pursuant to the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005, the owner of private land in the country must take reasonable steps to protect property on the land from fire and to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through the land and minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land.

Council will be inspecting properties within the Council area from early October onwards, to assess compliance with CFS requirements. Property owners issued with a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice are required to comply with the requirements of that notice within the required time indicated or Council may organise a contractor to preform the work required, at the owners expense and may take further legal action against them.
PLEASE NOTE: Council is able to issue an Expiation Notice for the offence of not complying with the requirements of Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice. Fee for not compliance $315.


Burning Permit Procedures

From March 1 until the end of Fire Danger Season April 30 (unless changed by CFS Chief Officer) Burning Permits may be issued for the purpose of General Broadacre Burning.

Application for fire permits can be obtained from the Adelaide Plain Council main office at Mallala and Two Wells or downloaded below. To ensure you have a Burning Permit when you want to burn please apply for the Burning Permit a minimum of 2 Working Days before it is required by filling out the application form and faxing or presenting to one of the Council Office.
Please be advised that a seasonal Burning Permit may be issued to the Permit holder for a period of more than one day but all Fire Permits must be validated by ringing the Council Office on the morning of the intended burn.

Please also take note of the Burning Conditions supplied with Burning Permit including the conditions on the back of the Burning Permit before commencing the burn. These must be complied with.

For the 2016 Fire Permit Season Special Circumstance Burning Permits will be considered for the burning of  damaged timber and tree waste from paddocks within the Pinery Fire area to allow farmers to commence their farming operations.

Your Guide to Bushfire Safety 2015-16

Permit Conditions 2017

Fire Permit Application Form


Please note:

For further information please contact councils Fire Prevention Officer, Peter Buttery on Tel: 8527 0200.

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Your Guide to Bushfire Safety 2015-16
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