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The Governance Department within Council consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Assistant, Governance Officer and Elected Members and aims to deliver to the community a well managed, sustainable environment for current, as well as future, generations.


Adelaide Plains Council Gift Register


Council Members and Employees in South Australia have a commitment to serve the best interests of the people within the community they represent and to discharge their duties conscientiously, to the best of their ability, and for public, not private, benefit at all times. They must uphold the values of honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency, and in turn, foster community confidence and trust in Local Government.

Council Members and Employees must not seek or accept gifts or benefits of any kind that may create a sense of obligation on their part or may be perceived to be intended or likely to influence them in carrying out their public duty; this includes from any person who is in, or who seeks to be in, any contractual relationship with the Council.

Council Members may accept campaign donations as provided for in the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999. Council Members and Employees may accept hospitality provided in the context of performing their duties, including free or subsidised meals, beverages or refreshments of reasonable value provided in conjunction with Council work related events such as training, education sessions workshops, conferences, Council functions or events, social functions organised by groups such as Council committees and community organisations.

Council Members and Employees may accept invitations to, and attendance at, local social, cultural or sporting events.

Council Members and Employees receiving a gift or benefit of more than a value ($100 as at the 01st of September 2013) published in the Government Gazette by the Minister from time to time, details of each gift or benefit must be recorded within Councils Gifts and Benefits Register, this register is updated on a quarterly basis by Council.

Council’s Gifts & Benefits Register is available for inspection at the Principal Office at 2A Wasleys Road, Mallala. Queries in relation to Council’s Gifts and Benefits Register may be directed to the Governance Officer at or Tel: 8527 0200


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