With the onset of spring, snakes will become active, we have already received reports of sightings. This is the season that the snakes break from hibernating and are looking for both food, water and partners.

Below are the contact details for snake catchers for residents and ratepayers to contact  with enquiries relating to snakes. Snake catchers do charge a fee for removal. Council does not provide such services.

Adelaide Snake Catchers
Tel. 0413 665 483
Snake Away Services
Mobile 0413 511 335

Adelaide Plains Snake Removals
Tel. 8524 3921
Mobile 0418 849 776

SPADE Snake Catching
24 Hour - EFTPOS Facilities
Benjamin Horton
Tel. 0409 769 721
Please note: A fee will be charged.

ACE Snake Catchers
Mobile: 0415 928 500
Cater for all Northern and Barossa areas
Contact: Roger Atkinson


Contact Us

2a Wasleys Road

PO Box 18

Mallala SA 5502